About LegalISP

LegalISP is now a division of Pennik Ltd, providing Internet hosting and support services to a wide range of clients. Although originally created to provide services to the legal profession, our customer base has now broadened, although we still like to think of ourselves primarily as a legal services provider.

Our staff have practical experience of providing connectivity, hosting and support services dating back to the early days of the internet in 1995.

Our mix of experience and the desire to provide the highest level of service makes LegalISP an excellent chaoice as your Internet hosting and services provider.


Set up in 1999, LegalISP was originally a division of Stat Plus Ltd, a stationery and services provider to the legal profession.

Stat Plus was purchased by Oyez Straker in 2000 but continued to run as an autonomous company, retaining LegalISP as the Internet services division

In 2012, LegalISP was transferred to Pennik Ltd, whose staff had been providing the technical services to LegalISP since its creation.